A strategy/management game created in roughly 12 hours. You are isolated in a room for one month. Your goal is to survive for a full month without starving, falling into a coma, or going insane!

  • Can you survive a month without leaving your room?

    Maybe you're an introvert and you don't like interacting with people on a regular basis. (Not all introverts hate interacting with people)

    Maybe not even at all?

    Maybe you're just enjoying the life of a hermit crab.

    There's nothing wrong with that though. That's how some of us live.

    Anyways uhhhh right. The game. Hmmm I don't really have anything to sell you

    so uh…….Okay. I got it. I'll just explain what will be happening so there's no surprise.

    In this game you play the life of a programmer trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It's summer break and he's got enough unbranded triangle chips and dry ramen to last a month. Your job is to balance certain aspects of his life, such as...making sure he is eating enough, getting enough rest, and most importantly...not going insane. Not everyone can holdout in a room without suffering inside.

    Maybe you have what it takes to get rid of the voices in his head. Actually, forget what I just said...

  • [Left click] either the Microwave, Laptop, or Bed to bring up actions that will alter your stats.

    If ANY of your stats reach zero then it's game over. In order to win you have to keep all your stats above zero for a full month. (~30 days)

    Good Luck & Have Fun!

    Oh! One more thing, the top option of each menu is a gamble. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. However if you don't like randomness to be a factor I'm fairly positive that the game can be beaten without the use of randomness.


    This game was created as part of a game jam and was completed in roughly 12 hours or so. We had a lot of fun making it and we'd like to hear what you've enjoyed and what you didn't. Feedback is feedback. :)