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This game was created for a 3 day game jam back in 2012.

Sorry for the music in advance, no mute button. I suggest muting your tab by right click and selecting "Mute Tab" if you are running on the latest version of chrome.



A 2D arcade game where the player collects coins in order to upgrade the game "features". These features start off simple, such as moving left and right, but eventually the upgrades adds color to the game, changes fonts, adds a main menu, makes the game more challenging, etc...

Background Information / How to play:

- Named "UpgradeGame.swf"

- Needs to be opened in a web browser such as Google Chrome. This can be done by dragging the file (listed above) directly on top of the browser

- Created within Adobe Flash but programmed in ActionScript (I think it was 3.0 but I'm not entirely certain)

- Programmed during my 3rd year of high-school as a school project (2012)


- Left arrow to move left

- Right arrow to move right

- "1" opens the main menu

- "0" closes the main menu

- Up & Down arrow to navigate through the main menu

- "Enter/Return" to make a selection in the main menu

Debug Controls:

"9" to add one coin to your score

"7" to subtract one coin to your score

"5" to add 100 health

(Other debug controls are hidden due to functionality complications)


- Sometimes the debug controls don't work.

To fix this simply click anywhere on the game screen to regain canvas focus.

- The main menu doesn't have any functionality.