A platformer game created in roughly 12 hours. You are stranded on an island that is falling apart before your very eyes. Your goal is to locate the energy cube somewhere on the world and bring it to the one and only alter. Only then shall you understand the problems of voxel warming that many experience.

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  • [W] / [UP ARROW] Moves you forwards

    [A] / [LEFT ARROW] Move you left

    [S] / [DOWN ARROW] Moves you backwards

    [D] / [RIGHT ARROW] Moves you right

    [SPACEBAR] Makes you jump

    Good Luck & Have Fun!


    This game was created as part of a game jam and was completed in roughly 12 hours or so. We had a lot of fun making it and we'd like to hear what you've enjoyed and what you didn't. Feedback is feedback. :) We understand that the game isn't optimized but we just wanted to get the idea working even if performance is sacrificed. I mean after all, this was a game jam!


    Programmer and Animator: Adrian Miasik

    Programmer: Jeffrey Lu

    3D Modeler & Level Designer: Jose Antonio Lee Cao